Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Obviously it's been quite some time since my last post but crazy amazing things have happened! Business has been great, so great in fact that I hired help last December (Theresa Moody) and that changed everything! 

Fast forward a bit, and it turns out that Theresa has always dreamed of owning a  little bakery and has a passion and tons of skill with sugar cookies! 
(Cha-CHING!) This was the perfect situation as I wanted/needed a partner to grow OHC (I was at max capacity with cookie orders) and Theresa was willing to join me in this wacky venture. 

With our new partnership, we were able to move in to our own retail shop and have been taking on more business than we could ever imagine and we love it. 

Our cute shop is located at 5159 N. Glenwood Street (corner of Glenwood & Chinden Blvd) in Garden City, Idaho. 

Our promise is to try to keep up with adding more to our blog and posting new custom designs but please forgive us if we are slow to post, we would much rather bake and frost your custom orders than spend time at the desk updating our blog.  For more instant pictures, you can always check out our PUBLIC (you don't need an account) Facebook page: 
ONE HAUTE COOKiE or follow us on Instagram: ONE HAUTE COOKiE.

For any questions or custom cookie quotes, email us anytime at: 
or call our shop: 208-375-9400